About Our Company

We are a free referral service for people looking for the best rates. Learn more about how we are able to provide this revolutionary service to the public at large by reading this page.

Our History

Lifeinsurancerate.com began when we took a look at the online market and realized that comparison shopping for a policy was difficult (to say the least!) To find the best rates, a consumer would have to fill out time-consuming and usually costly applications on dozens of websites to get a few overpriced quotes. Trying to make sense of the different quotes is even more difficult. That is when we had the idea of starting an unbiased referral site for customers looking for quotes on life insurance. We would provide a free service whereby we would match our customers with major carriers who could give them the low-cost quotes they wanted. Five years later we're still going strong, with over 500,000 happy clients served!

What We Do

We offer a unique service to our customers in several ways:

First, we provide a one-stop-shopping experience for people looking for quotes. You can get the best term life insurance rates from major carriers by filling out one application; we then use our connections within the industry to negotiate better deals than would be available to you as a signle consumer.

Secondly, our application is free and takes only a few minutes to complete. Other applications are endless and sometimes come with a fee, so our easy and free application sets us apart. You don't get a single quote during this process - you get five individual bids from recognized agencies! We translate complicated industry jargon into plain English, thus allowing you to compare each policy to another with ease.

Finally, our approach to offering quotes forces our partners to compete for your business, which results in lower premiums for you. Our carriers know that if they don't provide you with the highest-quality, lowest-cost option, you will be able to choose a competitor's plan with one click. This gives the carriers added incentive to bring you the best rates possible.

Our Competitive Advantage

Unlike quotes you will get from the websites of insurers, our information is fair, accurate, and unbiased. We are not an carrier, nor do we have a stake in which carrier you choose. Consequently, you can rest assured that the information we provide you with is accurate and objective. We are here to match our customers with companies who can give them the best deals on policies. In fact, it's all we do!