What is a No-Exam Life Insurance Policy?

Life insurance policies are an important part of protecting your family from losing your income or other contribution to the family if you were to die. There are several different types of policies available, and the price can vary greatly depending upon several factors including:

  • Your age
  • Your health history
  • Your family’s health history
  • Your employment

There are numerous benefits to having coverage and it can be extremely valuable in offering a death benefit payment to your surviving beneficiaries if something should happen to you. Unfortunately, the price for this protection often includes submitting to thorough medical testing before coverage can begin. This is designed to protect the company from fraud, which often would take the form of a terminally ill person getting coverage for what would be a short-term plan and expecting their beneficiaries to receive a huge payment after they die.

There are circumstances, however when a person may want to get the security of a policy for their family without submitting to tests. For those instances, there are companies out there that offer protection without testing.

Differences With No-Exam Products

The primary difference in a plan offered with a medical examination and a no-exam policy is the application. While absolute truthfulness regarding health conditions and history is requisite on any plan to be sure of a death payment being made to your beneficiaries, this type of product is much more intensive in their insistence and warning that if you happen to die or seem to die from a condition you had when you applied for the insurance, you will be denied the payment to your beneficiaries.

Another typical issue with these types of policies is the somewhat higher premium for coverage. There will be a contestability period of one to two years, during which, if you die, the investigation into your death will be significant. If anything suspicious or outright deceptive turns up in the circumstances, a denial of payment will most certainly occur.