A Guide to the Required Medical Exam

Before you get a life insurance policy, some providers will want you to go through a medical exam. The company will want to make sure that everything is alright with you, and that they know about all the problems. This is important because providers want to assess your risks. Do you know what goes on in these tests? You always need to do whatever you can to come across as very insurable. If you know what goes on in these life insurance medical exams, you will really increase your chances. Now is the time to get healthy and really reduce your risk level.

Did you know that testing can take place in your office or at your home? You cannot have the testing done by your own physician, and the paramedic who administers the test will come to you. If you do not want them to come to your place of work or your home, you can go to a special clinic. If you do not have the testing, your application will not be processed. The company will also be the ones who pay the paramedic service, which means that you are not held financially responsible for it. The paramedic will want to know your medical history, your measurements, blood pressure, pulse and they will take blood and urine samples. Other tests will be administered depending on your age, and your policy. This is not comprehensive medical testing, this is just for the provider.

What the Company is Looking For

Basically, the provider wants to know if you have any conditions that could shorten your life. This will increase your risk and the chances your company has to pay out money. They are looking for viruses, any disorder with your organs, diseases like HIV and hepatitis, and immune disorders. They will also want to screen for drug use. The results will be given to the company home office. You can write to them and have them send you the results as well. The results will then determine your policy, as well as what you will pay. It might also say you are uninsurable because you have an addiction or are too much of a risk. You can still get your quoted rate, but things might vary a little bit.

You should not worry about these tests because they are very routine. We understand that some of you out there would like to avoid an exam though whenever possible. If you want to avoid the testing you can just sign up for a standard policy. They will just ask you a few questions about your health. A guaranteed policy will not issue tests or questions. A medical examination just helps you qualify for better coverage and, if you are healthy, can help you get a better rate. If you feel like you are risky, there are ways around it, but the plans you end up with might not be as strong as you had hoped for. Make sure that you are always taking steps to improve your health.