Life Insurance and Alcohol

Do you know what your life insurance agent will use to determine your ability to get coverage? The fact is, an agent can use whatever they would like in order to make things better for their business. This can include the use of alcohol. There are some people who like to unwind with a drink at the end of the day. There are also people who drink excessively in their lives. These two types of people are very different. Does the issuing company see these two as different or are they view on the same scale? Let’s go over some information because you must learn as much as you can about this essential protection.

Providers want to differentiate between the person who drinks heavily, and the person who might have a glass of wine every now and then. Abuse can lead to some long term conditions, therefore increasing your risk to the company. This is why the insurers will want to know about your drinking habits on your application. Social drinking will not have an affect, but anything more will not be viewed kindly by your agent. They will double check with your medical records, so do not lie to them. If high rates are not a deterrent, you could even be denied coverage. Alcohol should not be the cause of your bad health, in the eyes of the company. They view liver problems from alcohol differently, then natural liver troubles.

A DUI Can Hurt

You might know how badly your car insurance can be affected by a DUI charge, well, drunk driving charges can also hurt your life insurance. It only takes one incident for your company to view you as more of a risk. This is a red flag of recklessness that you should not want. It will take a few years for your agent to remove that DUI charge. You need to show them that you are not a risk any longer, however, you still might not get the best deal available. If you have multiple DUI charges on your record, you could very well become uninsurable in the eyes of the company. This leads to a large uphill battle.

Should You Stop Drinking?

We are not telling you to stopping drink, all we are saying is be more aware of alcohol and its’ presence in your life. When dealing with coverage you need to be aware of your health, and all aspects of it. Alcohol is one of those aspects. Treat your body properly, and it will help your reduce costs on premiums. The agent just wants to know that you care enough and you respect yourself enough. If you can show them this you will be all set. No, you do not have to stop drinking, you just have to know thee role it plays. Once you are aware of this role, everything will work out better for your coverage.