Top 10 Things to Know When Shopping for a Policy

No one enjoys shopping for life insurance, it can be a long rigorous process which can become quite costly. Let’s face it though, you need protection in case the unthinkable were to happen. With the right policy you are able to provide for loved ones in case something is to happen to you, and it’s always better to have then wished you had. We have compiled ten helpful tips that should make finding a product a bit more enjoyable.

  1. Shop Around- Never settle for the first plan you come across. Always check other companies and view your options. This purchase is very important and time should be put into the process.
  2. Buy when you’re healthy- Many people wait until they are ill or may become ill to buy a policy. By doing this you may be at risk to pay more for coverage then you would have earlier. A product will be cheaper if you are living a healthy lifestyle.
  3. Buy early- Worried about paying high premiums for long periods? Advisers recommend purchasing coverage young, when premiums are lower.
  4. Purchase enough- When it comes to acquiring a plan it is very important to purchase a plan that will completely cover you. Don’t cut corners and leave out important items you may need later.
  5. Commission is not always required- One reason behind large premiums are the result of commissions being paid to the broker or agent. Luckily, no-load policies are available which can be sold right to you, with no middle man.
  6. Review your coverage- Throughout your life changes are going to occur and you won’t want to be left over or under insured. Take the time to review your coverage to make sure you are keeping yourself prepared.
  7. Whole life is pricey- Often people try to purchase a permanent policy with an investment component. This is much more expensive then purchasing a term plan which can leave an individual underinsured.
  8. There are two types- The two main types of policies sold are term and whole. There are many different components to these policies so it is important to research both.
  9. Tell the truth- Do not lie on the application in the hopes of receiving a lower rate. If you are caught lying the insurer may be able to end your contract.
  10. Utilize resources- The internet is an excellent place to review many different companies and their policies. Remember to do your research before purchasing.

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