Why You Should Retire With a Pet

If you are nearing the age of retirement and are thinking about life without work, one thing you might want to consider is adopting a pet. If you can properly care for a pet and don’t have any serious allergies to them, a furry dog or cat, or even a bird can bring with it marvelous benefits as you leave the workforce.

  1. Companionship
    Obviously pets bring companionship into our lives. Occasionally even more than other people can. It is a pet that is there on a rainy afternoon for companionable silence while you curl up with a good book. It could be a dog who greets you with joy and a wagging tail every time you walk in the door, or a cat that sleeps next to you at night, providing that extra sense of warmth and comfort. Pets are especially beneficial to those who may be facing retirement without a spouse; they can help fill a void of loneliness that you may not even know you had until after they’ve entered your life.
  2. Safety & Security
    If you’re living at home, a good dog brings not only companionship but security as well. Those who might seek to do you harm or steal from you usually think twice about entering a home with a loud, barking dog. Even cats can serve their purpose in this regard - alerting you to danger by their change in behavior and heightened senses.
  3. Sense of Purpose
    Pets do require adequate care from their owners in order to be happy and healthy. Caring for a pet can help to give a person a sense of purpose and duty that might otherwise be lacking after retirement - think of it as having kids in the house again…only not nearly as much work and you can leave them home alone for short periods of time.
  4. Stress Reduction
    Many studies have been done to prove that pets reduce stress for their owners. Although, you will not be coming home from a long day at work, stressed out over anything your boss did, you will still find yourself in stressful situations and dealing with people who could raise your blood pressure. Having the warmth and encouragement of a pet at home is very likely to help reduce some of that stress and keep you calm in many of otherwise tense situations.
  5. Exercise Encouragement
    Retiring is no excuse to stop exercising. A lax and sedentary lifestyle can be detrimental to your physical and mental health, thereby shortening your lifespan. Whether it’s to walk your dog or just take him/her out to the park for to play, the need to get out and stay active for your animal’s sake will benefit you as well, both emotionally and physically.

Check with your local ASPCA for information on adopting a pet.