Risk Factors You Should Know

When it comes to life insurance, your risk factors will play a large role in the process. Are you familiar with these factors and what they look like? You need to understand your liabilities, as well as how you can change it to improve your situation. There are three types of risks. The first type is “health” related. The second type is “activity” related. The third type is “financially” related. Once you know how all of these factors come into play, you will be able to handle your policy in the best way possible. It would be wise of you to appear as stable as possible for all three of these factors. You do not want a small mistake to cheat you out of the coverage that you and your family deserve.

Health Considerations

This is the big one. Your health risk will be a primary judge in whether or not the provider wants to insure you. If you can show them that you are currently in great shape, and have no history of bad illness, you will be seen as stable. Your rates and premiums will be lower because of it. If you are older, currently have health trouble, and have a history of problems, the company will not be so quick to insure you. They do not want to take on a new customer who they believe will not live much longer. If they did that all the time, the industry would take a large hit. It is a good idea to get in shape, eat better, or work towards vitality as best you can. You want to come across as someone who is going to live for a long time and poses no immediate risk to the company.

Activity Risk

What do we mean by activity risk? If you engage in activities that are dangerous, or can lead to an accident, the company will have a hard time insuring you. For example, if you like to go hang gliding a lot, this will be seen as an activity liability. Sure, it is fun, but you are increasing your chances of getting into an accident. This is something the provider does not want to pay for. Be honest and open about your activities, but just know that there are some activities that might not be covered. You can get a special rider for such activities if you want, it will just cost more on your premium. You will not benefit from protection if you keep putting yourself in danger. Make sure you read policy and know what is not covered.

Financial Scenarios

Yes, your financial situation will come into play in life insurance. You have the responsibility to pay your premium every month. If you stop paying your premium you can become a financial liability to them. This will result in higher premium payments, or cancellation of your coverage. This is why you want to make sure you stay up to date on all your payments. Missed payments go on your record for all to see. If you are too much of a financial liability, and the company does not think you will pay them back, they could deny you coverage altogether. When you fill out an application for coverage, make sure that your finances are together and presentable.