What Happens after You’ve Chosen Term Life Insurance?

So you’ve made the decision to go with term life insurance? Many would say the hard part is over, as people have been known to struggle over the term or whole life insurance debate. Once you’ve come to the conclusion that temporary coverage is best for you, your next step is finding the right policy and provider. Finding the right company is no walk in the park either, just trying sifting through the first hundred or so companies that pop up after doing a search online. Before you even get started trying to pick out your policy or company, follow these tips to make the process easier and ensure you’re getting the best rates.

The Next Steps

  • After choosing a plan, your first step should be deciding the details of your policy, such as how much protection you’ll need and how long your term will last. Generally, experts agree that your  policy should be able to provide ten years of lost income. The length of your agreement is more difficult to determine, most people coincide it with a date when they expect their children to be out of the house and living on their own.
  • When you’ve come to a decision about what you’re looking for in a policy, you’ll want to start researching companies. With hundreds of different companies, you’re bound to get a little overwhelmed. Just start slow and get a feel for what you’re average price will probably be, then try to find several reliable companies with better rates.
  • Keep in mind that certain lifestyle habits can negatively affect your rates. Things like smoking, drinking, being over weight, or even participating in dangerous activities (think skydiving) can make your rates higher than you’d expect. Look for a company that can overlook these things or try to kick the bad habits.
  • Finally, once you’ve narrowed your search for a carrier down a bit, you can start requesting quotes. After you’ve gotten quotes from all the companies you’re considering, you can pick the broker and policy that’s best for you.

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